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What is Coup and Canvas?

Coup & Canvas is a fundraising platform that aims at promoting and selling art made by Myanmar artists and donating profits to support Myanmar The art sold will be in the form of fun products that you can use daily (tote bags, masks postcards, notepads, and more) or the original art piece

How did we initaite?

Under the #CoupandCanvas campaign we mobilized Myanmar artists and started raising funds in August. Many artists in the country and outside joined the campaign which inspired us to make this organization and to plan for long term support for the people of Myanmar You can search CoupandCarvas and see some of the artwork that was submitted

What is our purpose?

Promoting art made by Myanmar artists (digital art, oil, and watercolor paintings, photography and more) Supporting local businesses in Myanmar Supporting the people of Myanmar during the coup and post-coup

How do we operate?

We will collaborate with different artists each month and launch a product line trademarking the artist's works which will be sold within a specific amount of time only If you are a Myanmar artist and you are interested in promoting and selling your art for a good cause you can submit your artwork

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